Vivian Girls – Share The Joy

Imagine a breezy summer night, the stars are winking down at you and you’re thinking about taking the hand of the person next to you, but those teenage apprehensions are holding you back, but you might just do it as that person turns and looks at you with a longing smile. Well, soundtrack all that with Vivian Girls new album Share The Joy and you’ll have a vignette John Hughes would have been proud of. The new album sees Vivian Girls swerving their song writing towards a more blissed-out 60s vibe with a surfer sheen. It seems like the line-up changes and finding a new home at Polyvinyl have instilled Vivian Girls with a more mature, rounded sound. But that doesn’t mean album number three is a complete departure. The bubblegum harmonies and punches of pop are still ever present and the garage fuzz energy fizzes out of the record, just like a teenage dream.

You can liten to Share The Joy here: ipZbgTF

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