Who Needs Words… Three Trapped Tigers / Tall Ships @ Cargo – London

After a run of acclaimed EPs, not to mention a hefty amount of buzz, Three Trapped Tigers had managed to turn the launch of their debut long player, Route One Or Die, into a near feeding frenzy of anticipation. Cargo, buried in deepest, darkest East London, was brimming full of the Shoreditch great and good waiting to see what all the fuss was about. They soon found out. First up were Tall Ships who squeezed the scuzz out of their dilapidated keyboards and opened their set with a rush of tracks, including set stand-out Chemistry. The trio let loose a run of vocal driven melodies that soon gave way to hammer driven loops of synth noise and thundering guitars leaving the crowd a hot mess. The sweat was steaming around the air as Cargo’s little back room steadily filled with people, each of them adding to the anticipation. Three Trapped Tigers look pretty unassuming considering the type of noise they create, so when the three of them casually strolled on stage, what came next was even more impacting than anyone expected. When I say impacting, I mean meteor style. Opening straight into Cramm, the first track from their new album, Three Trapped Tigers began their aural assault. Pacing through the first half of their album, the synths whirled and glitched, the guitar thrashed and the drums sonic-boomed hard enough to crack the walls. It was like witnessing the birth of the cosmic love child of Slayer and Aphex Twin. This was instrumental music on an epic scale. Tightly woven beats, riffs and synths, but all without any sign of muso eyebrow raising. The older tracks the band broke out half way through the set sat nicely between the over arching songs from the album. They added a cluster of punchy hooks that shone through as brightly as the strobes they bathed in. But the math noise and energy of new material was clear. Three Trapped Tigers have become harder, faster and are out for your blood. And let me tell you something, you’d better give it to them.

Three Trapped Tigers album Route One Or Die is out now on Blood and Biscuits. Listen to some of their stuff here and listen to some Tall Ships stuff here.

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