Heartsrevolution – I.D.

Heartsrevolution have been dropping crunchy little electronic gems into people’s ears for the best part of five years now. In between releasing various nuggets on labels like Kitsune and  ISOmorph the Brooklyn based duo have also found the time to collaborate with Kate Moross, establish a clothing line and drive around in a big pink ice cream van. Now they are finally ready to release their debut album. Heartsrevolution have always kept their DIY roots firmly planted in the graffiti strewn pavements of the East side and have approached the production of their album, Ride Or Die, in the same way by recording it entirely in their apartment. It’s in the final stages and is set for imminent release on iHeartcomix! this year. Taking inspiration from Japanese pop culture and dirty boombastic sounds of amped-up elecrtonica, the band continue their artistic ethos by stating that they will be producing a video for each of the 13 tracks on the album. That’s pretty ambitions, but looking at the way they’ve taken on everything they’ve done so far, it’ll probably happen. Heartsrevolution have let loose a tantalising teaser track in the form of I.D. (Investigation Discovery). It’s a spookey, crunchy statement of intent settling somewhere between a witch house Chemical Brothers and M.I.A. Enjoy!

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