Spank Rock – DTF DADT

Yo! That’s right. I’m taklin’ to you cos’ you’d better listen up! Ah, I must have been listening to Spank Rock again because the XXX rated word smith is back after a (far too) long hiatus with some brand spanking (see what I did there?) new material. The Philly based pedlar of all things grime-trodden and filthy is set to release his sophomore album,  Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar (out Sep 26th on Boyz Noize records). It sounds like he’s spent the last five years punching hard beats into a drum machine whilst imagining what it would be like to be locked in a coke party with Run DMC and Kraftwerk. The computer friendly glitches of his debut album are all but gone and Spank Rock (aka Naeem Juwan) has implanted himself in a landscape of guitars, analogue beats and plugged his mic into some amps… some REALLY BIG amps. He’s now produced a video for the b-side to lead single Energy. The track’s called DTF DADT. The video’s below. Word.

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