The Middle East – Jesus On Film

If you haven’t heard of The Middle East, well, you should have. I’m talking about the Australian sextet, by the way, not the tumultuous oil drenched global sun trap that graces this planet’s hard-to-reach areas. On the release of the latest single taken from their hugely acclaimed album I Want That You Are Always Happy, the band decided to launch a competition. They told the great and good that they needed a video to accompany stand out track Jesus Came To My Birthday Party, and told the fans to go and make one. All you had to do then was come up with a fitting concept, club together (or beg for) the money to hire all the cameras, extras, sound equipment etc. then post a video for the track via Easy. The response was so overwhelmingly good that the band had to choose two videos, one by Aussie film maker Andy Pearce and another by visual duo Robert Brandon and Robin James from the UK. Maybe more fan-made music videos cold hail the second coming of the shaky camcorder hardcore vids of the early 90s. Here’s hoping. It would be a bit unfair to tell you all this and not show you the winners, so here you go…


Andy Pearce version:


Rob and Rob’s version:


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