Interview: Burning the candle with MMOTHS

It’s all happened pretty quickly for MMOTHS. After producing a couple of tracks one frosty night in December back in 2010 and uploading them to Soundcloud, a steadily increasing snowball of attention has been gathering around the Irish producer. Not only has he garnered acclaim from the likes of Bon Iver and Flying Lotus but he’s also supported Aphex Twin and remixed the likes of Passion Pit and Interpol.  Since then, MMOTHS (aka Jack Colleran) has grabbed the attention of SQE music who have just released his first official release: ‘Heart’ EP. Not bad, considering he’s only 18. Overachieving aside, it’s hard to pin down the type of music MMOTHS generates. It seems to belong to the ethereal early hours, somewhere between a blissed-out Four Tet and M83. We decided to get a glimpse into this world and asked Jack a few questions. Here they are.

Where are you right now and what were you doing just before answering these questions?

I was playing a show last night in Manchester. I’m now on the train to Sheffield.

What inspired you to start producing music? 

I really don’t know. Boredom, I guess. It was snowing loads two Christmases ago and I decided to stay in and write some stuff.

It’s been said that you’re a “nocturnal writer”. Is the process of creating music at night important to the overall aesthetic of the sound? 

Not really. I mainly wrote at night at the start because I was in school during the day. I still write a lot at night but I just think that’s because I have the worst sleeping pattern ever.

Ireland isn’t the first place people would think of when talking about electronic music. Is there a thriving electronic music scene in Ireland that we don’t know about? 

There’s definitely something building. At the minute everyone’s got their own sound. If you play something, you know who’s produced it. Whereas if you’re listening to something not knowing who the artist is, there’s always a few you think it might be. It’s interesting.

How did you start working with SQE Music? 

Seb Webber got in touch with me and wanted to release my shit. It was a pretty cool feeling knowing good people were behind me.

You’ve collaborated with Sarah P and Superhumanoids on the EP. How did the collaborations happen? 

The label wanted to rerelease Heart and Summer but I didn’t want to release the same old tracks so I got in touch with those guys to put some vocals down.

Was working with these people something you set out to do, or was it something that happened organically? 

Well, I really wanted those guys to get involved so I got in touch. But the whole process was pretty sweet. I knew they would both do an amazing job so I just gave them full control of how they wanted to go with it.

How’s the tour going? 

It’s fucking amazing. Meeting so many lovely people.

How do you think the music translates live?

The music itself was never really meant to be played out on a big system but everything is going pretty good so far. Hearing good things from people.

Finally, what can we look forward to from MMOTHS in the next few months? 

Well the first EP is out on the 6th of March but hopefully another in the next while.

You can get MMOTHS ‘Heart’ EP here.

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