La Sera – Sees The Light

It seems that spring has well and truly sprung. It’s now a time for sunshine and all things new. With that in mind, the new release from La Sera (AKA the Vivian Girls’ Katy  ‘Kickball’ Goodman) is pretty timely. It’s been over a year since her self titled debut, and in that time she seems to have honed an ever increasing, sunshine infused, pop gleam to her material. A fact that is proudly displayed on her new album Sees The Light (Hardly Art). Goodman’s 60s infused do-wop style delivery pretty much perfectly contrasts the buzz of gruff guitar and pounding drums that run through this album. It’s like listening to Black Tambourine being fronted by the Supremes

This is more than just an extension of Vivian Girls. Although the underlying sonics of the music are pretty much the same, this album is personal, and Goodman brings to the fore way more melody and bitter-sweetness than the average VG album.

It’s not easy to pull off what is essentially a ‘break-up album’ and still sound optimistic – but here it is. Sunny, sweet and full of killer hooks that will coat the inside of your brain like a burst of pink bubble gum.

Sees The Light is out now on Hardly Art.

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