Set Turntables to Amazing… RSD 2012

So, that time of year is upon us again. As the daffodils sprout and the heavens open, the independent music world focuses once again on the 3rd Saturday in April as Record Store Day bursts out of the ground like a vinyl phoenix. If last year is anything to go by, it’s going to be full-on pandemonium in pretty much every independent record store across in the known world, but don’t let that stop you from charging head long into your finest local indie record store. If you’re anything like as much of a vinyl junkie as me, you won’t let the madness stop you from getting your hands on that ‘super limited’ Best Coast 7″. 21st April 2012 is set to be a massive (and well needed) financial injection into the independent music industry… and let’s face it, that can only be a good thing. HERE’S some of the treats on offer at choice indie stores like Jumbo Records (Leeds), Attic Records (York) and , of course Rough Trade East/West (London) on Saturday. Get out there and rummage like there’s no tomorrow…

Oh, I forgot to tell you that there are loads of rad bands playing too… here are a few things going on:

Sub Pop darlings Still Corners give an intimate acoustic show at Jumbo

the awesome Mark Wynn plays at Attic Records

… and Johnny Flynn plays Rough Trade East

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