Jaill – Traps (Sub Pop)

Jaill are back with their second album released under the Sub Pop banner, and it seems Jaill are a band you can depend on. Like that little dog you had when you were a child that came to greet you when you came home from school. 2010s That’s How We Burn showcased a band that were confident with imparting some unashamed pop-rock riffs and quirky melodies on the world, and Traps is no different. The hard rock edge that runs through the last album has been toned down in favour of surf-style guitar twang and vocal harmonies. The album opener Waste A Lot Of Things is a statement of intent to this. It’s a catchy, rough-cut 3 minutes of jerky melody reminiscent of early Squeeze. There’s a quality to the album that suggests it was recorded by three friends in a bedroom on a Portastudio four-track. It wasn’t, but that element of casually thrashing out some psych-tinged pop (and having fun doing it) is definitely here. The album swerves confidently from the tropical, drum machine powered Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs) to the 60s freakout House With Haunting, which wouldn’t sound out of place on any Wilco album. All the while, Vinnie Kircher’s sardonic, forlorn stories of unrequited, urban love sew the 11 tracks on Traps together to form a  patchwork quilt of emotional misadventure. Traps is an album that could soundtrack a summer backyard as the sun goes down, or just as easily see you through a hyper-messy teenage style break-up. Like I said, you can depend on Jaill. They’ll be there with a big aural hug.

You can listen to more Jaill at their SoundCloud page. Traps is out 11th June on Sub Pop.

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