Deerhoof – Breakup Song. New album details.

San Franciscan purveyors of alternative noise, Deerhoof have announced details of their new album. It’s called Breakup Song and it’s set for release on 3rd September on ATP (4th September in the US on Polyvinyl). So, you’re excited, right? You want to hear some of it, right? Well, no problem. The band have put together a nifty little widget on their site called ‘The Jingletron’. It allows you to listen to snippets of the tracks by clicking on the ‘slot’. Also, a guy runs between two wobbling speakers waving a copy of the album at you. What a tease. The album sounds like it’s going to be Deerhoof at their noisy and unclassifiable best. Have a go on ‘The Jingletron’ HERE. The tracklisting for Breakup Song looks like this:

1 Breakup Songs
2 There’s That Grin
3 Bad Kids to the Front
4 Zero Seconds Pause
5 Mothball the Fleet
6 Flower
7 To Fly or Not to Fly
8 The Trouble With Candyhands
9 We Do Parties
10 Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III
11 Fête d’Adieu


Whilst I was writing this I remembered how amazing ‘Super Duper Rescue Heads!’ is. So here it is.

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