LCD Soundsystem – Shut Up And Play The Hits

So, here’s the skinny on the LCD Soundsystem documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits. If you’re not familiar with this film yet, it documents the final few days in the life (and the one after) of New York electro-punk-fukers LCD Soundsystem, including their legendary final show at Madison Square Garden. If you’ve ever felt love for LCD, this documentary is a guaranteed tear-jerker. After showing at selected cinemas across Europe and the US (including Sundance), it’s finally getting a commercial release on DVD and BluRay on October 9th. The release is planned as a 3 disc set: 1 = Shut Up And Play he Hits, 2+3 = the entire final LCD show at Madison Square Garden. The release also promises more bonus material that you can shake a cowbell at. Unfortunately, it’s only scheduled for a US/Canada release, so if you live anywhere else, you’ll have to keep listening to ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’ at 150db while standing next to a strobe light to get the full effect. But I’m sure it will reach beyond the North Americas soon enough (probably in time for Christmas). You can pre-order Shut Up And Play The Hits here and check out a teaser for the film below.

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