News: Sonic Youth to release entire 1985 Chicago show

Ever since Sonic Youth announced they were on an indefinite hiatus, there’s been a little hole in the musical cosmos where that raucous, screeching feedback loop used to be. Well, it seems that hole is going to be filled (temporarily, at least) because the band are set to release some previously unheard material. Here’s the story: in the summer of 1985 Sonic Youth were touring North America in support of their sophomore album ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and on the 11th August they played a show at the Smart Bar in Chicago. Luckily, someone had a 4-track tape recorder with them and the entire set was captured. Even luckier, on 12 November 2012 the full show is being released on a super-sexy (and super-limited) double LP complete with download and photos by Pat Blashill and Steven Koress on the band’s own label Goofin’ Records. If you’re not a vinyl geek, it’s also being released on CD and digital. The tracks have been mastered and mixed from the original recording by Sonic Youth themselves, so they are bound to have been brought into the 21st century with a lot of love. It looks like it’s time to dig out that plaid shirt, folks.

The ‘Smart Bar – Chicago 1985’ track listing looks like this:

1- Hallowe’en

2- Death Valley ’69

3- Intro/Brave Men Run(In My Family)

4- I Love Her All The Time

5- Ghost Bitch

6- I’m Insane

7- Kat ‘N’ Hat

8- Brother James

9- Kill Yr Idols

10- Secret Girl

11- Flower

12- The Burning Spear

13- Expressway To Yr Skull

14- Making The Nature Scene

As the album isn’t out for another two months, here’s a little bit of classic SY to tide you over.

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