Black Moth Super Rainbow – Cobra Juicy

It’s been a pretty long time since Black Moth Super Rainbow have thrown some jerky, synth-disco at the world, but Tom Fec’s tribe of sonic pioniers are finally ready to unload a new album. Cobra Juicy is due out on 12 November on the BMSR affiliated label Rad Cult. The album has been self-funded by the band and the whole project has been made possible through donations from friends and fans alike via the Cobra Juicy Kickstarter campaign. The album is available in ‘Mask format’ whereby you get a copy of the album incased in a demonic piece of latex, as modled in their new video for ‘Window Smasher’. Also, you can get the band to put on a roller disco for you, if you give them $10,000.

It wouldn’t really be a Black Moth Super Rainbow release if it wasn’t preceded by a video weird and disturbing enough to set your teeth on edge and get you wishing you lived in a slightly better world than you actually do. The video for ‘Window Smasher’ does all these things (as well as instilling an intense phobia of cake). We’ll give you some more details on Cobra Juicy soon, but for now, here’s the video for ‘Window Smasher’.

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