Get some Peace in your life… Peace – ‘The World Is Too Much With Us’

Before we start, I’ve got to make it clear that we’re not talking about the Birmingham (UK) tropical teenagers, this Peace is from Vancouver (CA), and sound nothing like the aforementioned Brummie scamps. So, apart from having one of the least Google-friendly names in the music business, Peace have managed to create one of the most exciting albums to come out of Canada for a very long time. The band recorded the album in Pamela Anderson’s home town of Ladysmith, Vancouver, reported as being ‘a fogged-in hamlet’ on the island’s East coast. The resulting album, The World Is Too Much With Us is being released on 16 October on the achingly hip Suicide Squeeze Records.

The opening gambit ‘Your Hand In Mine’ is, to put it mildly, an absolute stonker. Vocalist Dan Geddes starts off the track in with an arresting baritone over the scratchy reverb of the guitar line and a thumping, sinister rhythm section. This sound runs through the whole album giving it a flavour not unlike early Interpol mixed with a big twist of Orange Juice. As the album progresses, Geddes’ vocals become a bit more akin to The Fall’s Mark E. Smith and by the time ‘Winterhouse’ kicks in, the tracks pulse with an intense psychedelic swirl. Coming in at just over the 30 minute mark, Peace haven’t created the longest album in the world, but they have distilled a punchy concoction of post-punk, melodic noise into 8 intoxicating tracks that invites listen after listen. I was going to make a ‘world Peace’ pun here, but I’ll spare you that (for now).

Check out what Peace are up to here.

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