I Was There! LCD Soundsystem chronicled in new book.

If you haven’t heard already, LCD Soundsystem said goodbye to the world by way of a mammoth 3 hour concert in the legendary Madison Square Gardens, NYC on 02 April 2011. It was undoubtedly (and simultaneously) an amazing and  sad day for music in general. But hot on the heels of the release of the documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits on DVD earlier this month, the history of LCD Soundsystem has been captured in a new (and very coffee table friendly) book. Simply entitled ‘LCD’ it is published by NY based PowerHouse Books. The book contains an intro by James Murphy as well as interviews, album artwork and a particularly entertaining missive by LCD Soundsystem’s former manager Keith Woods. But this book is all about the images captured by photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya, LCD’s ‘unofficial’ photographer from 2004 up to the final show at Madison Square Gardens. Wijesooriya has managed to capture snapshots of moments that range from the acutely intimate to the most public of the band’s career. James Murphy writes in the introduction ‘Ruvan has been getting in my face for years… In other circumstances, this is basically illegal. It’s stalking.’ So, you can probably tell it’s an intimate portrait of a band that helped a generation dance.

You can preview the book HERE get you hands on it HERE.

Watch a little bit of LCD Soundsystem’s Madison Square Garden show below.

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