Before we go any further, I feel like I should issue a health warning. What you are about to experience is raucous,  live and LOUD. In fact, Canada has a lot to answer for. Hailing from Toronto, METZ are a band that don’t seem to care about convention. From the first 0.0005 seconds of their self titled debut album it was clear that they had no problem with creating a sound like Sonic Youth making love to early 80s Mathchbox B-Line Disaster whilst impaling their guitar necks straight into some Vox amps. This is a good thing, people. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Canadian three-piece have been snapped up by Sub Pop. Tracks like ‘Wet Blanket’ and ‘Headache’ crystallise the sound (read NOISE) that makes you slightly scared, then makes you want to listen to some more. METZ’s eponymous debut is full of feedback-laden melody and Gang Of Four grooves. METZ is the sound of three people who have immersed themselves in the 90s and come out fighting. Basically, you need this in your life.

Listen to some METZ below. You can find out what they’re up to HERE.

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