La Sera – ‘Break My Heart’

La Sera (aka ‘Kickball’ Katy Goodman from the Vivian Girls) has produced a video for the single ‘Break My Heart’. It’s the second track to be released from her latest album Sees The Light, and it’s a technicolor burst of sonic bubblegum. But typical to the way things usually are in the world of La Sera, there’s a twist. Despite the optimistic sounds of smooth surf guitar and crunchy ’60s style bass, Goodman’s words speak of heartbreak and lost love. Things get even harsher when the objects in her bedroom begin flying around and try to attack her. It’s like the poltergeist of an ex-boy friend has come back to haunt her stuff. But it’s all delivered with a wry smile. In fact, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. The ‘special effects’ are basically bits of string pulling over lamps and unconvincingly turning dresses into ghosts. In short, one of the best break-up videos of the year.

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