Watch: Night Beds – ‘Even If We Try’

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then you hear a piece of music that stops you in your tracks and punches an abrupt full-stop at the end of whatever you are doing. When it happens, it’s a rare and welcome moment of distraction. This has recently happened to me by way of  Night Beds. Hailing from Colorado Springs, Winston Yellen has been hopping couches and writing and recording songs since 2008, during which time he has released a sparse clutch of recordings under the monicker Night Beds. Recently he’s been picked up by the Dead Oceans label who released the track ‘Even If We Try’ b/w ‘You Were Afraid’ as a limited 7″. His debut LP, Country Sleep, is slated for release on 5th February. Yellen’s delicate, emotive voice seems to call out from somewhere beyond the traditional American folk mythology and encapsulates the more gospel moments of Jeff Buckley (I’m not throwing that comparison around lightly) and the harmonious orchestration of Fleet Foxes. Basically, Night Beds has the capacity to change your personal musical landscape a little. A video for ‘Even If We Try’ has just surfaced and it’s a glorious exercise in juxtaposition. A tale of an intoxicated, rowdy night out full of frustration and self loathing, set against the delicate fragility of the music. This video is the best  4mins you’re likely to spend this year.

You can catch Night Beds when he plays a handful of shows at the end of 2012:


28 The Lexington, London, UK (supporting Wild Nothing)

30 Le Guess Who Festival, Netherlands


3 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK (supporting Sharon Van Etten)

4 The Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK

5 Fargo, Paris, France

6 Michelberger Hotel, Berlin, Germany

11 Piano’s, New York, US

2 responses to “Watch: Night Beds – ‘Even If We Try’

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