Listen: Devendra Banhart – ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’

DevendraBanhartIt seems like we’re finally over the worst of the winter and spring is fast approaching, and that’s got to be something to celebrate. Well, so does Devendra Banhart, so much so, that he’s releasing a new album for the occasion. Mala will be Banhart’s eighth studio album (and his first in four years) and it’s set for release on 12 March on Nonesuch. The album was recorded at his home in Los Angeles with his long time collaborator Noah Georgeson. In true Devendra Banhart style, he recorded most of the instruments himself onto a vintage Tascam recorder he and Georgeson found in a local pawn shop. The album is preceded by the track ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’. This track is vintage Banhart, full of soft rythmes and shining melody accompanied by Banhart’s own unique brand of pensive lyrics. It’s kind of the musical equivalent of smoking a massive spliff with Cat Stevens… and Devendra Banhart does look a bit like Cat Stevens, doesn’t he?

Listen to ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’ below.

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