My Bloody Valentine release new album ‘mbv’

My-Bloody-Valentine - press_2So, the rumours were all true. A mere 21 years after the release of their last album, My Bloody Valentine have set forth a new long player of shoegazey delights. The band have been dropping hints about the release of new material for a few months, but dropping hints has finally given way to dropping an entire album. m b v is available for download right now, and for those hardcore fans among you, the album is also available as a monster CD/download/180gm vinyl deluxe package. But, what’s that you say? Can’t wait the 2mins or so it will take for the album to install itself onto your hard drive? No problem, the band are streaming m v b via their Youtube channel right now. There’s even a little taster below for instant consumption.

The tracklisting for m b v looks like this (by the way, make sure you always use lower case… it even says so in the press release):

1. she found now

2. only tomorrow

3. who sees you

4. is this and yes

5. if i am

6. new you

7. in another way

8. nothing is

9. wonder 2

Head over to to get the album.

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