múm and Kylie Minogue – ‘Whistle’

Kylie and mum - WhistleI’m not entirely sure if this is múm featuring Kylie, or the other way around, but either way, the tiny antipodean and the Icelandic bedroom elctro eccentrics have teamed up to create ‘Whistle’, a beautifully glitchy ode to the stranger elements of relationships. It’s not the most likely of pairings, but Kylie has always been innovative in her choices of collaboration (Nick Cave and Towa Tei spring to mind). The song sees a proper single release after it was featured on the soundtrack to last years’ horror romance film ‘Jack and Diane’. The song shows off the queen of pop’s breathy vocals interweaved with múm’s etherial glitches and undercurrents of immersive strings. The track was co-produced by Árni Plúseinn, who is also in Icelandic favourites FM Belfast, and according to the band’s website, ‘Whistle’ will be included ‘in one way or another’ on their new album, which is tentatively set for release in autumn.

Listen to ‘Whistle’ below. If you like it so much you want to buy it, you can do that HERE.

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