Pissed Jeans – ‘Honeys’

PJ - Honeys packshotCast yourself back to the days when you frist started seeing those little black and white ‘Parental Advisory’ stickers slapped to the front of albums like a Mary Whitehouse kiss of death. Well, after listening to Honeys, the fourth album from Pennsylvanian post hardcore rock n’ rollers Pissed Jeans, I think that should be taken to the next level with the issuing of an out-and-out health warning. Pissed Jeans have never taken the easy path. Back when the pundits and A&Rs of the world were calling for an ‘accessible’ sound in a similar vain to the tidal wave of ‘The’ bands that sprung up in the early 2000s, Pissed Jeans were creating rock harder than a quantum physics university entrance exam. Honeys, the band’s third album for Sub Pop, begins as it means to go on. ‘Bathroom Laughter’ is a two and a half minute stampede of fuzzed, thrashed and thumping strings and skins, all accompanied by Matt Kosloff’s uniquely abrasive vocals. You feel like you’re being serenaded by a pissed off drill sergeant. But you like it. You just don’t know why. The album also shows off Pissed Jeans’ more sludgy side with tracks like ‘Cafeteria Food’. Kolstoff’s ode to allergies ‘Cathouse’ showcases the proficient marrying of energy and procession songwriting the band are often capable of in expert style, channeling the spirits of the UK Subs and MC5 into a classic, hard-rock hybrid. This album will undoubtedly receive one of those little black and white stickers, but Honeys will proudly wear it like a badge that says ‘Hello. My name is… fuck you and be all the better for it. 

Honeys is out on CD/LP/DL on 25 February on Sub Pop. Get it HERE. Pissed Jeans tour dates HERE. Watch the video for ‘Bathroom Laughter’ below.

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