Gold Panda – Trust EP

GP_TrustLondon based glitch master Gold Panda is set to release a new EP full of fresh material. Trust EP, a collection of 4 tracks, is set for release as a 12″ on the producer’s own NOTOWN records on 4 March. After the sonic assault of ‘Trust Intro’, which layers ghostly vocal samples over an ominous wave of distorted synths, the title track is a smooth hit of horns, ride cymbals and squidgy harmonics. Definitely something best digested in the smaller hours. ‘Burned Out Car In A Forrest’ steps up the tempo with a carnival of cow bells and hand claps that sprints towards a finish line of understated exuberance. The final track ‘Casyam_59#02’ probably has the most in common with what you might expect from Gold Panda: etherial, melodic chimes undercut with crunchy samples and a healthy level of record crackle. Trust EP is a serene and developed blend of atmospherics, perfect for late night consumption, which suggests Gold Panda might be mellowing as time goes on.

Trust EP is available for download now and on 12″ on 4 March. Listen to ‘Trust’ below.

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