Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Live’

Simian-mobile-discoProfessional knob tweakers Simian Mobile Disco have been busy recently. They’ve spent the best part of the last twelve months bringing their unique blend of glitchy electro to party hungry people in pretty much every corner of the globe. Luckily, they had the good sense to capture one of their many live shows on tape. In typically minimal and unambiguous style, the album is simply called Live and consists of a set recorded at Voyeur in Philadelphia on 07 December 2012. The album was laid down completely live, in one take, with no edites, which goes a long way to support the fact that Simian Mobile Disco have truly honed their craft as one of the worlds foremost dance music outfits.

Live is mainly a mix of newer tracks from last years’ Unpatterns album, and they also drop some classic crowd pleasers such as ‘It’s The Beat’, ‘Cruel Intentions’ and a manic reworking of ‘Hustler’.

The tracklisting for Live looks like this:

1. Your Love / Run Theme
2. A Species Out Of Control
3. Unfixed
4. Supermoon
5. Cerulean
6. It’s The beat
7. Skin Cracker
8. Hustler (Jam)
9. Aspic
10. Wooden
11. Seraphim
12. Cruel Intentions
13. Interference
14. Put Your Hands Together
15. Sleep Deprivation

You can listen to Live in its entirely below or download it from the SMD website now. So what are you waiting for? Turn out the lights, hit play and pretend it’s 3am at your favourite club.

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