John Grant – ‘Strongroom EP’

Strongroo EpThe run of this years’ surprise releases continues apace with the unveiling of the Strongroom EP, an accompaniment to John Grant’s outstanding album Pale Green Ghosts (Bella Union). The EP is a collection of super stripped back vocal/piano versions of tracks from the album and listening to the songs represented this way showcases Grant’s unique blend of honesty and delicate bleakness. The EP is a 12″ vinyl release (limited to 300 copies) and available exclusively via Rough Trade. The songs that receive the ‘Strongroom’ treatment on the EP are ‘It Doesn’t Matter To Him’, ‘Vietnam’, ‘Glacier’, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore’ and ‘You Don’t Have To’. The penultimate track is a particularly heart wrenching example of Grant’s ability to draw you in to his world and spit you out the other side, emotionally refreshed. Grant is well known for his visceral storytelling and emotive melodies, and this collection of songs is the perfect balance of these two elements. The Strongroom EP is quite simply a thing of beauty.

Listen to ‘Glacier’ from the Strongroom EP below.

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