Alela Diane – ‘The Way We Fall’

Alela Diane shotIt’s fair to say that Portland based chanteuse Alela Diane has had a pretty emotional time since the release of her last album. Be that as it may, it seems the emotional displacement of divorce and the upheaval of departing from her long time label Rough Trade have intrinsically informed her latest output. Her new album About Farewell is set for release later this year, and ahead of that, a new track ‘The Way We Fall’ has been presented as a taster for the album.

The turmoil in the song is palpable; ‘I didn’t know it was the last time / the hopeless fate, the way we fall’ sings Diane in her breathy, Vashti Bunyan-esque delivery, but the track also has a delicacy and memorable tranquility. If ‘The Way We Fall’ is anything to go by, About Farewell will have been a cathartic experience, full of palpable emotion to get lost in.

Listen to ‘The Way We Fall’ below.

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