Listen: The Juan Maclean + Nancy Whang – ‘You Are My Destiny’

Juan Maclean & Nancy Whang - DestinyNew York based dance floor pioneer and long time DFA collaborator The Juan Maclean has teamed up with former LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang to create a slice of smooth, soppy disco in the form of ‘You Are My Destiny’. The track is classic DFA label material, starting with a slow and steady build before breaking out all over the place with a tight disco beat and fluid pulses of synth. The track is available as a limited white label from 9 April as well as download from DFA. It’s been four years since The Juan Maclean released an album and this track is sure to make everyone wonder why it’s been so long. But the inspired collaboration with Whang, who provides vocals for the track, could signal more to come. Surely a proposition to get even the most cynical of dance floor shunners to break out the disco ball.

Listen to an edit of ‘You Are My Destiny’ below. If you want to hear the full 8+ minute version, you can watch the video.

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