Watch: Sigur Rós – ‘Brennisteinn’

Sigur Ros newIt seems change has been the mother of invention for Icelandic post-rock pioneers Sigur Rós. Despite the band being cut to a three piece following the departure of keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson and last years’ relentless touring schedule, the band have announced that they have completed a new album, Kveikur, which will be released on XL Recordings on 18 June. The band have produced the album themselves and given the fact it’s due to surface a mere twelve months after the release of their previous long player, their creative juices must be flowing at an unprecedented rate.

The band have produced a video for the album track ‘Brennisteinn’ which certainly shows off their darker side. The track still retains the quintessentially cinematic feel we have come to expect from the band, but this is now infused with a denser industrial sound akin to early Nine Inch Nails (there are even hints of Ramstein in the track). The video is a monochrome adventure through a dystopian netherworld cut through with flashes of bright neon. The sinister tone of the imagery certainly suits the intensity of the seven minute song. After the upheaval of the past year, it seems Sigur Rós have connected with their dark side.

Watch the video for ‘Brennisteinn’ below.

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