Spotlight: Zoon van snooK – ‘The Bridge Between Life And Death’

Zoon van snooKIt’s been said that change is the mother of invention. If you ever begin to question this ethos, you could do a lot worse than check out the music of producer Zoon van snooK (aka Alec Snook). The story begins in Bristol where Snook experimented with creating soundscapes (resulting in his debut album) then he headed to Iceland armed with nothing but a sound recorder… and that’s when things changed.

After spending months gathering hours of ‘found sounds’ and field recordings, Snook has pieced together his sophomore album The Bridge Between Life And Death. Snook rummaged around the lanscape of South West Iceland and found inspirational folk tinged electronica in the most unlikely of places, from seagulls to static or simply picking up the voices of passers by, and managed to mould these noises into an etherial masterpiece full of sounds that race through your brain like a beautiful sonic avalanche. This album could stand along side the likes of Four Tet and Lemon Jelly at their most blissfully fragile. It’s also a testament to the music that artists such as Amiina, Sin Fang and Benni Hemm Hemm felt compelled to collaborate.

Snook says this of the album’s creation:

“I was able to collect recordings from the centre, port and outskirts of Reykjavik, and the surrounding South Western area. From national parks to canyons; from hot springs to glaciers; from folk songs to folklore… I love being able to use an entire field recording. As well as the principal subject, all the glitch rhythms on the album are created from the unintentional background noise or static created whilst capturing it. It’s the musical equivalent of blasting meat off the bone with a high-pressure hose – nothing is wasted.”

“The title comes from a bridge in Kópavogur that the locals call so because it has the nursing home on one side and the cemetery on the other. The album is themed around birth and death and each song is a chapter in the overall story, taking in sub-plots inspired by Greek/Nordic epic poetry; biblical tales; spirits; outlaws and unique aspects of the terrain and indigenous animals.”

The Bridge Between Life And Death is out on 21 May on Lo Recordings. Watch the video for the single ‘The Verge of Winter’ Below.

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