Listen: Hands Out – ‘Are You Impressed? / Joy’

Hands OutI like it when accidents happen. I’m not talking about watching someone fall into a swimming pool or catch on fire and ending up on World’s Funniest Home Videos. I’m talking about when fates conspire and life pops an amazing piece of new music into your jacket with aplomb, like a reverse pick pocket. This is how my introduction to Hands Out happened. Following one of my late night tweets (this time about the long lost Bos Angeles) a small series of events led me straight to a stonking new double A-side from a band called Hands Out. Featuring ex and current of members of Oceansize, and Princess Headbutt, Hands Out have got a super lo-fi approach to making blissed-out punk with a firm shoegaze stance, and it works. ‘Are You Impressed? / Joy’ both have a have a pent-up energy that’s constantly on the verge of braking through the speakers, melodic white noise reimagined  through the tube of a broken television. It’s pretty special.

‘Are You Impressed / Joy’ below is released as a double A-side single on 13 May through the Hands Out bandcamp page. Watch/listen to both tracks below.

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