Spotlight: Dancing Years

dancing yearsIt seems that this year’s Live at Leeds festival went off in spectacular style. A sonic smorgasbord of music was performed, the people duly partied and the reports have come in. And if those reports are anything to go by, it’s clear to see one of the stand outs from the whole experience was Dancing Years. The thing about garnering reports and comments that whizz around festivals is that they are certainly capable of creating a microcosm of hype about a band, even if it’s just for a few hours. Sometimes this pays off and listening to Dancing Years, this is certainly the case.

Hailing from the town itself, the six piece (formerly called Joseph & David) were clearly at home playing Live at Leeds 2013, and what better venue to show off the band’s intricately woven melodies than the reverent surroundings of Holy Trinity Church. Dancing Years produce the type of informed folk music that aligns itself comfortably with the likes of Beirut with the emotive rock uplift of bands like The Maccabees. Expect great things from these guys in the very near future.

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