Spotlight: East India Youth – ‘Coastal Reflexions’

East_India_Youth_packshot_cropOK, we’ll be the first to admit we’ve been a bit slow on this one. Largely due to a near daily avalanche of emails that come our way it’s taken us a while to come around to getting East India Youth on the stereo, but to say we’re glad we finally did would be an understatement. London based producer William Doyle is the inaugural signing to the Quietus Phonographic Corporation (the label offshoot from very same people who bring you The Quietus)  and all things considered, it sounds like the fledging label couldn’t have picked a better signing to kick off their campaign.

East India Youth creates a heady mix of deep electronica with a dubstep twist guaranteed to have your head bobbing with glee. His first release is the Hostel EP, which is out now, and there’s a little taste below in the form of stand-out track ‘Coastal Reflexions’.  Expect to hear a lot more from this guy very soon.

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