Review: múm – ‘Toothwheels’

Toothwheels_After a long pause in touring and recording, during which most of the members have concentrated on some wonderfully weird creative projects, Icelandic mainstays múm are officially back. The band have never shied away from embracing their strange side (last year’s retrospective collection of vintage rarities ‘Early Birds’ was a testament to that) but the news is out that múm will be releasing an album of new material later this year. If you can’t wait until then, don’t worry, the album is set to be preceded by the single ‘Toothwheels’.

Released as a limited 7″/download on the ANOST label, this single is something of juxtaposition. ‘Toothwheels’ is a smooth ride across an beautifully desolate landscape of longing. The track reels you in with whispering vocals tentatively laid over smooth strings and crunchy bleeps. The chorus is a killer. A late night caress in the arms of vintage Zero 7 and downtempo Bjork. B-side ‘Cranes Like Ships’ is a jubilant instrumental that sounds like an orchestra of Fisher Price toys exploding in your ears. An experience everyone should have at least once in their life.

‘Toothwheels’ is out on 24 May.

Listen to a preview of ‘Toothwheels’ below.

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