The Icarus Line announce new album ‘Slave Vows’

Icarus Line newThe Icarus Line work fast. A scant 18 months after the completion of their previous album Wildlife, Joe Cardamone fronted post hardcore hellraisers The Icarus Line have announced they will be releasing an album of brand new material entitled Slave Vows on 1st July via Agitated. It sounds like it’s going to be a pretty rowdy affair.

Cardamone says this of the release:

“We got home and said, let’s make a record… I had enough money saved up to spend two months working solely on the album.” By all accounts the songs were written over the course of roughly four weeks with the recording of the album happening the during course following month. It seems their extensive touring schedule made a profound impact on their recording process, as Cardamone continues; “apart from a couple of vocals and some keyboards, it was all recorded live. All we do with ProTools is fucking press ‘record’. It’s about capturing performances. We’d just come off the road, and none of us could face putting on headphones. Wasn’t gonna happen.”

The album is set to be 8 tracks totalling 45 minutes and in celebration of its impending release, The Icarus Line have released the first of four teaser videos, and if this one is anything to go by, it sounds like Slave Vows is going to be a typically visceral musical slap in the face. Watch the teaser video below.

The tracklisting for Slave Vows looks like this:

1. Dark Circles
2. Dont Let Me Save Your Soul
3. Marathon Man
4. Dead Body
5. No Money Music
6. City Job
7. Laying Down For The Man
8. Rat’s Ass

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