Watch: Lanterns On The Lake – ‘Another Tale From Another English Town’

LANTERNS-ON-THE-LAKEIf you’re anything like us and fell hard, crazy, teenage in love with Lanterns On The Lake after the release of their debut Gracious Tide Take Me Home, you’re going to be about as pleased as we are to hear the band are set to release a new album towards the end of the summer. Hailing from the North East of England, Lanterns On The Lake create the type of blissfully acute dream pop guaranteed to have every single pore of your body tingling.

The new (and as far as we know untitled) album has been preceded by a stunning video for the single ‘Another Tale From Another English Town’. The track is a typically charmed yet melancholic outing for the band and seems, in many ways, to reflect the state of their home nation. “I think the way things are going in this country, it’s going to be hard for people not to write music that carries some of that weight,” says vocalist Hazel Wilde. “While we were making the record a lot of our friends were losing their jobs and there were some drastic cuts being made, especially in our part of the world”.

The video, directed by James Alexander Grieves, deftly captures the track’s sentiment of carefree youth before the trepidation of the ‘unknown’ just over the horizon. Delicate and thought provoking… just what you’d expect.

Watch the video for ‘Another Tale From Another English Town’ below.

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