In Pictures: Sin Fang + Pascal Pinon – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen – 29 May 2013

Let me paint you little picture. It started on a damp spring evening as the light was fading. The smell of the newly cut grass drifted across London’s Hoxton square and filled the air with a little bit of the summer to come. It was as though Icelandic troubadour Sin Fang had carried with him a bit of the optimistic energy captured in his new album Flowers all the way from Reykjavik to London. Well, that’s not strictly true because he was in the middle of a two week European tour and had, in fact, been in Paris the night before, but I’m sure you understand the metaphor.

The fact is that the stage of the tiny Hoxton Bar & Kitchen was brought to life by not one, but two of Iceland’s finest exports tonight. The enchanting and unassuming twins Pascal Pinon started proceedings with their unique blend of lo-fi cassette tape infused folk before Sin Fang (introducing himself and his band on the night as ‘Sin and the Fangs’) took the stage for an hour of quirky, high energy and emotive thrash-pop. We viewed the night through a lens to give you a flavour of how it went. Check out the gallery below.

Sin Fang Hoxton 1
Sin Fang Hoxton 6
Sin Fang Hoxton 7
Sin Fang Hoxton 10
Sin Fang Hoxton 9
Sin Fang Hoxton 4
Sin Fang Hoxton 2
Sin Fang Hoxton 3

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