Listen: Voltage Black – ‘Get Your Iron Aligned’

Voltage Black GYIAWe’re glad to announce that our favourite frequency punishers Voltage Black are back with some more sonic revelry in the form of new single ‘Get You Iron Aligned’. And you’d better, because the crunchy beats and menacing, melodic drones in this track loom large. The two-step beat zooms out of the speakers fast and sharp enough to trim your ears, whilst the pulsing guitar hammers through the surface like a freshly awakened behemoth breaking out of a cosmic glacier. The release comes backed with a reworking from the inimitable Cursor Miner, which is the musical equivalent of playing DOOM only to find out it’s actually happening in real life. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

‘Get You Iron Aligned’ is out now. Head over to the Voltage Black bandcamp page for the goodies.

You can catchVoltage Black live at Queen Of Hoxton, London on 29 June.

Listen to the orignal version of ‘Get You Iron Aligned’ and the Cursor Miner remix below.

‘Get You Iron Aligned’:

‘Get You Iron Aligned (Cursor Miner remix)’:

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