Spotlight: Beach Vacation – ‘I Saw You’

Beach VacationIf there’s one lesson to be learned from Washington’s Beach Vacation, it’s never underestimate youthful exuberance. Ranging between the ages of 16 and 18 Beach Vacation seem to sum up what it means to be carefree and full of verve (or maybe it just seems that way to an old cynic like myself). Following on from the release of their ‘Maritime’ EP back in April, their new single ‘I Saw You’ is awash with breezy sun-drenched guitar that takes you on a musical ride directly to that place their name suggests. That’s not to say the band are all shimmering shiny optimism. There’s a reflective depth in ‘I Saw You’ that tells of a forlorn crush lost in the waves.

Owing no small part of their sound to the likes of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils, there also seems to be an underlying vibe that leads straight back to late 60s bands like the Beach Boys… or maybe I’m just thinking of as many bands as I can with the word ‘Beach’ in the name.  Either way, Beach Vacation are certainly capable of producing surf-style sounds far beyond their teenage years, so much so that the feel good hit of the summer may have just arrived.

‘I Saw You’ is out now. Listen to the track below.

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