Listen: Fanfarlo – ‘Myth Of Myself (A Ruse To Exploit Our Weaknesses)’

Fanfarlo_3The ticking clock of time always delivers something worthwhile in the end. It has to be said, that clock has been ticking too much in the background for Fanfarlo, and far more than they deserve. It seems mystifying that a band that can create tracks with such cinematic brilliance aren’t inhabiting the stratosphere of wild success, but if their new track ‘Myth Of Myself (A Ruse To Exploit Our Weakness)’ is anything to go by, all that’s going to change. The track is the first to be taken from their forthcoming third album and is a testament to the heights of infectious and inventive melody this band are capable of.

Details are a little sketchy right now (no title or release date) but the band say this of the new album:

“We finished a new album. It’s the best one we’ve made… ‘Myth of Myself (A Ruse to Exploit Our Weaknesses)’ is a rallying cry to (wo)man the barricades against the individual and all those who would have us believe this poisonous ruse. It is also the first song from our forthcoming third album, a record that in its own playfully serious / seriously playful way looks at human evolution and the weirdness of being this thing we call a person. 

The band have also recorded the album at breakneck speed, having released their sophomore ‘Rooms Filled With Light’ just last year.

We’ll be posting more details as soon as they’re available. In the meantime, listen to ‘Myth Of Myself (A Ruse To Exploit Our Weakness)’ below.

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