Review: Saroos – ‘Return’

Saroos Return


Return (Alien Transistor) 

Result: 4.0 / 5 

Cosmic isn’t a word you hear a lot these days, but when it comes to Saroos, this is definitely fitting. In fact, scratch that: replace with COSMIC. The Berlin based three piece have been making music that brushes the filament of your electro soul for some time now, and they’re coming to it all again with the release of their third album Return. 

Opening track ‘Henderson Island’ starts things off as Saroos mean to go on, delivering a blissful synth refrain coupled with beats crunchy enough to pulp your brain, incorporating a wonky Bollywood feel. From the start, it’s clear Saroos aren’t afraid of pushing  boundaries. And if that wasn’t enough, the album continues apace with ‘Willow’, a slow jam that tells you the band know exactly how to draw you in and massage your cerebral cortex.

‘Tsalal Nights’ is a stand-out of the album, taking elements from the likes of Meat Beat Manifesto and M83 and squeezing them through a big-beat mangle, emerging sinister and pulsating. By the time you arrive at ‘Seadance’ and ‘Rhoda’, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the cosmos of Saroos, lost in a landscape of distant crunches and buzzing synths with twisted samples swooping in and out of the peripheral horizon.

The album continues to deliver with tracks like ‘Morning Way’ and the sublime ‘Sequoia’, bringing to the fore ethereal tones reminiscent of the Orb during their heady Pomme Fritz days.

Return takes you on a journey through a bewitching place only a band like Saroos could have created. It’s a strange world, but one well worth inhabiting.

Return is released on 6 September on Alien Transistor.

Listen to ‘Tsalal Nights’ below.

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