Listen: Crystal Fighters – ‘LA Calling (Curses Remix)’

crystal fighters_1Ever since the release of their sophomore album, aptly entitled Cave Rave, tribal pop aficionados Crystal Fighters has been getting the party started, and to prove this is still the case, the band are releasing album stand-out ‘LA Calling’ on 30 September. The track is backed by a stonking remix by Parisian/NY based deck destroyer Curses. The reworking takes all the visceral, primal elements of the original and places them within the context of a dark 90s electro landscape.

Curses says this of the remix: “Being a fan and friend of the band for years, doing this dark twist of a remix on such a blissful talent was an adventure in the land of house.”

So there you have it. If you want to spend the next 6+ minutes gyrating and pulsating around, you could do a lot worse than listen to Crystal Fighters ‘LA Calling (Curses Remix) below.

… and if you were wondering what the original sounds like, here it is:

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