Listen/Download: FUZZ – ‘What’s In My Head’

FUZZTo say Ty Segall is prolific would be a massive understatement. The San Franciscan serial musical experimenter has released no fewer than eighteen albums (and probably a few more that aren’t on Wikipedia) in his short career. His latest project, FUZZ,  is a team up with fellow Californians Charlie Moothart and Roland Cosio and sees things take a turn for the insanely psychedelic.

After releasing a couple of limited 7″, FUZZ are set to release their debut album on 7 October on In The Red and it’s a wild ride of lo-fi, sludgy stoner rock to be filed directly between Awesome Color and Turbo Fruits. In other words, primarily a mix of weed infused jams and tight feedback, like sonic mischief created in the back of a high school classroom. That isn’t to say you need to be a slacker with a skateboard and too much time on your hands to ‘get’ this music. There’s more than enough melodic rock sensibility to hold the attention of anyone with an appreciation for 90s noise core and/or some classic Black Sabbath… but I’m sure some weed would help.

Download ‘What’s In My Head’ right here.

And more to show off the album artwork than anything else, check out ‘Loose Sutres’ below.

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