Review: FUZZ – The Dome, London, 27.09.2013

FUZZ liveArriving at The Dome in London’s Tufnell Park was a bit like stepping straight into a Sherlock Holmes story. The night was dark and misty and there were strange noises emanating from the dimly lit entrance of the venue. A gulp. A brave stride inside and that was that. No turning back. The cavernous venue was filled with every type of person you could imagine, hipsters, stoners, rockers, even a group of guys who looked like they were making a stop before heading to the nearest happy hardcore club (if they still exist).

It turned out that the other worldly sounds were coming from none other than Dan Friel.  Sat in front of the stage, he was surrounded by fairy lights, effects pedals and a couple of analogue keyboards, somehow managing to fill the entire place with a crunchy, overdriven noise sounding like he was navigating a circuit-bent spaceship in to land.

French party poppers The Feeling of Love hit the stage next and delivered a solid set of dance infused wonky indie pop. They pushed themselves and did all they could to get the crowd moving.  The front section loosened up towards the end, but they couldn’t help coming across like The Rapture’s little brother trying to get invited to the party… but never quite managing it. Maybe it was just the wrong crowd.

Suddenly the lights went down and three guys took the stage looking pretty unassuming. What happened next was anything but. Launching straight into what can only be described as a tsunami of noise, FUZZ had arrived. Reacting to the immediacy of Ty Segall’s vocals, overdriven between the pounding of his drum kit and the tight interweaving of bass and guitar, the crowd immediately erupted into a pit of flaying arms and legs as FUZZ launched into the the first of the tracks from their self titled album.  The melodic, psychedelic dirge of Loose Sutres rippled through the people in the room as the band proceeded to embark on a mini wig-out, to the adulation of the tightly pressed crowd.

As FUZZ hammered home album stand-out What’s In My Head, it was hard to believe three people were capable of creating such a huge sound. As the set came to a close and the crowds filed out into the mist of the night, it was clear FUZZ had done exactly what they’d set out to do: take a group of people on a psychedelic ride, and maybe administer the odd dose of tinnitus. FUZZ definitely delivered.

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