Singles Bar – 7 October 2013 – Three tracks released today. Reviewed.

fuck_buttons_brainfreezeFuck Buttons – ‘Brainfreeze’ (ATP Recordings) 


From the Bristol based duo’s Slow Focus album, this track showcases all maximalist glories Fuck Buttons are capable of. Part Aphex Twin, part Terminator soundtrack, Brainfreeze is a little bit scary but will also give your brain a workout of monumental sonic proportions. Watch the freaky video for the track below. 


eminem-berzerk-coverEminem – ‘Berzerk’ (Interscope) 

It sounds like Marshal Mather’s has raided the archives of the Beastie Boys and opted for the hip-hop/rock fusion option, with a little less credibility. I think it’s safe to say Mather’s has matured like an stinky cheese, much like the ‘toe jam’ mentioned in this track, rather than a fine wine. And he’s still trying to be oh-so controversial by mentioning the Kardashians. It has got a gangster Dumbledore in the video though, so it’s not all bad. 


the-saturdays-disco-love-400x400The Saturdays – ‘Disco Love’ (Universal) 

This is truly appalling. Not only are the Saturdays the epitome of the sort of manufactured, disposable pop currently infecting the musical landscape like a BP oil spill, but this track also seems to be another formulaic songwriting exercise for a major label. I can imagine the ‘brainstorm session’ going like this: 

“We need another song.”
“OK then, pick a random subject”  
“Umm… how about the 70s? “
“Yeah, that could work” 
“Alright. We’ll just re-use the music stems from the last one of these we did and write some nonsense about… what was it again?”
“The 70s.”
“Yeah. Let’s get some lunch.” 

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