Review: Novella – ‘Murmurs’

novella murmurs tape_final


Murmurs EP (Italian Beach Babes) 

Result: 4.2 / 5.0

Amidst the current musical landscape of highly polished production values and commercially driven mixtapes, it’s refreshing when a band decides to truly channel their inner DIY. I’m talking about a band spending a single day in a tiny room with their instruments and amps and embracing the musical gravity of the situation. This is exactly what London based band Novella did this summer, and what they’ve created is a cassette of four truly brilliant tracks.

Anyone who has seen Novella live over the past year or so will be familiar with opening track ‘Blue Swallows’ and the ground swell of ‘Follow’, both of which have been mainstays of their live set since their inception. Both tracks pulse with driving drumbeats and bubbling baselines, coupled with straight forward melodies that are as infectious as they are effective. These tracks hark back to the early days of Veronica Falls with a pinch of Shonen Knife thrown in for good measure.  Phrases’ sounds like something straight out of the mid-90s Pavement basement tapes whilst ‘Slow Mary’ is a stretched out, woozy jam, its energy bubbling just under the surface feeling like it could burst out of the speakers at any moment.

If this what Novella are capable of in the space of four tracks, I can’t wait to hear what they can do over the course of a whole album.

The Murmurs EP is out on 14 October on Italian Beach Babes.

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