Spotlight: Parlour – ‘Devil’s Eyes’

parlour_presshotIt seems the world of progressive, psych-tinged pop has been enjoying a resurgence recently. Among the swirling eddie of bands raising heir heads above the acid-infused waters are Parlour, and it looks like they have just established themselves as the major forerunner.

Parlour began as a the solo project of London based artist Angela Won-Yin Mak, honing her ethereal sound with the use of loop pedals, drones and some seriously huge guitar sounds. Later teaming up with the like-minded musician/produced Rory Attwell (aka Brattwell), the pair released the lauded track ‘My Love‘ last year.

Parlour has now swelled to a fully fledged five-piece outfit intent on creating some noise of epic proportions, and if ‘Devil’s Eyes’ is anything to go by, they’ve started in amazing style. The track reverberates with the ghost of The Velvet Underground shouting through a megaphone once owned by Sonic Youth and builds intensely in waves of swirling, tambourine laden atmospherics.

Parlour are set to release their debut album sometime in 2014, but in the meantime you can witness them play live on 14 November at the Waiting Room and on 27 November supporting Big Deal and Traams at Cargo.

Listen to ‘Devil’s Eyes’ below.

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