Watch: Lizzo – ‘Batches & Cookies’

Lizzo PressHailing from the streets of Detroit, Lizzo has spent the last couple of years dishing up some serious helpings of big beats and twisted rhymes. Before taking on her current solo status, Lizzo created the backbone of  what was to become the Cornrow Clique before hooking up with Minneapolis musical veteran Lazerbeak to record material on her own.

Now Lizzo is set to take on the greats with her album LizzoBangers, which has just dropped courtesy of legendary label Totally Gross National Product. The lead track ‘Batched & Cookies’ shows off Lizzo’s flow in blistering form, sitting somewhere between Kid Sister and Kreayshawn, with a touch of vintage Missy Elliott thrown in.

Lizzo infuses her lyrics with humour and style, something that can be hard to get right, but the Detroit rapper delivers all this with gusto and unquestionable credibility. The clip for the track features Lizzo and collaborator Sophia Eris covering a guy in baking grease, as well as a serious amount of confectionary porn. It’s one of the radest videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Watch the clip for ‘Batches & Cookies’ below. LizzoBangers is out now. Lizzo is on tour with Har Mar Superstar throughout November/December. All the dates here.

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