Interview: The Sweet Sound of Honeyblood

Honeyblood_3Glasgow based duo Honeyblood have been spreading their own brand of 60s infused rock around the UK for a while now, but it’s over the past six months that the spotlight has deservedly shone firmly on the two-piece. Having recently signed to the bastion of impeccable taste, Fat Cat Records, Honeyblood released their first single proper ‘Bud’ for the label at the end of last month.

The duo, consisting of Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (vox/guitar) and Shona McVicar (drums), create joyous, roughly hewn garage rock reminiscent of Throwing Muses and The Breeders delivered with a turbo-fueled injection of 60s pop. In between the release of ‘Bud’ and the band beginning work on recording their debut album, Honeyblood have been extensively on the road. We were lucky enough to catch up with them for a chat about being on tour and their imminent take over of the US-of-A.

Tell me about how you started making music together.

We had both been in bands around Glasgow and knew each other from that scene. I started writing songs for a new project and Shona seemed to be into a lot similar current acts. We met each other drunk in a pub one night and I asked her to start the band with me. We had one practise and finished the song ‘No Spare Key’ which we then recorded onto tape with an Innocence Mission cover and that was us!

What’s the music scene like in Glasgow and how do you think Honeyblood fits into it?

The scene is definitely getting more vibrant and lots of different bands are emerging. We’re lucky to have that in the city.

Your single ‘Bud’ is has just been released. How does that feel? 

It’s so exciting! We’ve been waiting so long to release something proper and been getting a lot of love from people. We’re glad people are liking it.

The video for the track has got a fairy tale feel. What was the inspiration behind it? 

It’s based loosely on the film Daisies, or has that feel. It’s a bit of a dreamworld.

You’ve recently signed to Fat Cat. They’re a pretty prestigious label. What is it like working with them? 

For such a well-known label, they’re still like a family. We’ve had the best time with them so far, and long let it continue!

You’re going out on tour soon, how do you find life ‘on the road’? 

Tour is awesome. It’s a big adventure. You get to meet people from different places who you would have never had the chance to otherwise. We’ve been exceptional lucky on this tour to have played to some great people. Our audiences have been the coolest.

You’ve got some dates coming up in the U.S. Is this going to be your first time playing there and how do you feel abut it?

We should be doing a US tour in Feb 2014. To be honest, we never thought when we started this band we would ever get the chance to  tour the States… so I think we will be soaking all this in during it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Is there an album in the pipeline? 

We are currently at Peter Katis’s studio in Connecticut recording our full length LP. So, the answer there is yes! We’ll be releasing it some time next year.

What’s happening for Honeyblood over the next year?

Apart from touring the US and releasing our album, having a total ball!

‘Bud’ is out now on Fat Cat Records. Keep up to date with Honeyblood here.

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