Spotlight: Graveyard Club

Graveyard Club pressshot1Sometimes there’s nothing better in life than spending time with your best friend and doing something you both enjoy. Sometimes that might just be sitting in your parent’s basement playing video games or going to the mall, but if you’re part of Minneapolis duo Graveyard Club, it’s more likely to be spending an afternoon scouring your local thrift store for broken keyboards and vintage microphones. The duo, consisting of Matthew Schufman and Michael Wojtalewicz specialise in procuring old electronic instruments and resurrecting them in order to create spooky, blip-laden landscapes of soulful croon worthy of the likes of Wild Nothing.

Their new EP ‘Sleepwalk’ is a six-shooter of nostalgic, beat driven atmospherics reminiscent of the better parts of the 80s shoe gaze movement. The band originally started writing the record as a concept piece about ghosts, and that other-worldly aesthetic permeates the tracks with reverb drenched synths and lilting vocals coming at you like a phantom teenage fantasy. Listening to ‘Sleepwalk’ is a bit like taking a pensive look back at that first date with the girl or boy that got away, only to realise you’ve got a big smile on your face because of the experience. ‘Sleepwalk’ is as intense and nostalgic as it is uplifting… in other words, you need to hear this.

Listen to ‘Another Life’, the first single taken from the EP below.

Watch the video for the track  ‘Stay Young’ right here:

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