Listen: Pastel Colours – ‘Hands Like Silk’

Pastel Colours_press shotCan you feel it? That distant rumbling inside your brain that’s been laying dormant since you were born? It’s the primeval remnant of your evolutionary past that serves as a link to those ancestors who worshiped the sun gods and sat under the stars. It’s there, and certain things can bring it out of the dark recesses of your brain and draw it out into the light. Pastel Colours are the neo-urban shamans to do exactly this. Hailing from Cornwall, UK, this outfit deal in the kind of psych-infused melodies guaranteed to charge your primal psyche.

The band’s first single ‘Hands Like Silk’ is set for imminent release and the track showcases Pastel Colours in all their tribal glory. The reverb drenched guitar swirls around the gloriously ramshackle beats, channelling the ghost of The Soft Machine with a hefty amount of The Brian Jonestown Massacre thrown in for good measure. Get ready to take a ride…

Listen to ‘Hands Like Silk’ below.

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